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Identity Checks and Verifications If there's one thing that any business needs to be certain of, it's that the candidate they are interviewing for a position is who they claim to be. After all, if a candidate is misleading you as to his or her identity, they may well be misleading you in other ways.
An ID check is the foundation of any background check, ensuring that the simplest and most crucial claim is verified. That the person you're hiring is the person you believe you're hiring.

Identity Checking Using a Variety of Data Elements
HireRight's identity checking service verifies a candidate's identity by checking the ID document that you are presented with by a potential employee.
Our ID check system will check the identity document (such as a passport) and compare the machine readable algorithm against details such as a date of birth, expiry date or other data, in order to prove whether or not a document is valid. If a document proves to be false, we will notify you immediately, preventing you from hiring a candidate under false pretences.
Key Benefits
Effective identify validation
Legally compliant checks and investigations
Full multinational coverage
Request a Candidate ID Check
Whether you only require an identity check, or you're using ID verification as the basis of our other services, you'll receive a professional, discreet service. Combining cutting edge technology with committed customer service, you'll always receive a reliable, legally compliant candidate identity check.

30 per cent of HireRight employment background screening survey respondents said they re-screen employees regardless of whether or not they have had a job title change.