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The CIBIL report is a financial report that has details of your borrowings from banks and financial institutions. It keeps a track of details related to your loans and credit cards history. It also keeps a track of your payments, late payments, duration of the loan, etc. So can a report like this actually affect your employment? It seems very unlikely, but some companies in a few sectors, may check your CIBIL report and score before they interview you for jobs. Many companies feel that the financial health of an individual is indicative of many personal attributes such as honesty, reliability and organization skills.

Why would an organisation actually check for this report?
Gaining Trust:If an organisation asks for your credit report and find that you have a good credit score, they may consider you trustworthy. It Indicates integrity and shows that you're willing to pay your dues and that you are building a good relationship with your bank. Banks and financial institutions require their employees to have honesty and integrity, when it comes to handling sensitive data like the financial information of their clients.
Bad Performance and Reckless Nature: If an employee has financial issues and is unable to make repayments towards their loans or credit cards, it may have an adverse effect on their performance. While this may not be the sole cause of poor performance, this can be a contributing factor. The bad score may also indicate that an employee is quite reckless, when it comes to repayments towards his or her loans or credit cards, and may give employers a sense that the person may struggle to take responsibility or maintain their performance at optimum levels.

How can this situation be handled?
As per guidelines issued by the RBI, only banks and other financial institutions can have access to credit reports maintained by companies like CIBIL and if any requests for the same are made by other companies/organizations, they are not to be entertained. The requirement for you to produce their CIBIL report in order to secure employment is purely the discretion of the company offering the job. Should you apply for a job and be asked to provide a credit report, you should comply with them.
If you are about to apply for a job, or are planning to do so in the near future, the best thing to do is to ensure that the credit history does not reflect poorly on you. To do that you will have to keep an eye on certain things which are mentioned below:
Keep a check on the things that affect your CIBIL score
Even if you're not on the lookout for a job, keeping a check on the following factors will ensure you have a healthy CIBIL credit report Repayment History: Ensure that your payments are regular and made on time, since this is a huge contributing factor to your credit report and score. Keep your records clean without any delayed or non-payments and you'll be fine.
Keep the Borrowing in Check: If you are taking a lot of loans or using your credit card to the extent that you are almost always close to the limit on the card, it will reflect poorly on you. Try to minimize your use of credit.
Type of credit or credit mix: Aim for a mixture of both secured and unsecured loans, having only unsecured loans on your report may have a negative effect on the report.
Loans applied and taken: Any financial institution or bank can raise a request for your credit report anytime you apply for a loan. Too many inquires within a small time frame can, therefore, have a negative impact on your score. So if you are rejected for a loan or a credit card, don't apply for the same again with another bank.
Resolve Conflicts: Sometimes, due to an error in communication, incorrect information could be passed to CIBIL which could have a negative effect on your report. Make sure you keep checking your report to ensure that the right information is reflected. Should there be a conflict, make sure that you bring it to CIBIL's attention and inform your bank as well. Keeping a check on your credit report will give you the opportunity to actually ensure that your credit reports speak well of you and, consequently, ensure that you don't miss out on career opportunities that may come your way in the future.