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Why combine Police Verification and Court Records Check
Police verification is conducted in the police jurisdiction of the address where the individual resides. This may be permanent address or temporary address of residence. However, if the individual would have committed a crime in areas other than the area of residence, the cases might not be found during police verification and the criminal might get an easy pass. In order to ensure that background verification results cover it all, a PAN India court records check can help uncover any instance of civil or criminal activity associated with the individual.
However, police verification is a must as police records are updated in local jurisdiction and can throw results of violation for recent time intervals. Through a combined police verification and court records check, any company can find out if a civil court case or criminal court case has been filed against a candidate, and/or verify if he or she has provided correct details about themselves. This will ensure that no candidate who is a threat to the safety and integrity of the company is hired.
How technology facilitates police verification and court records check
One of the major reasons why police verification along with court records check is flourishing in the country is because of advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and various tech-driven platforms like APIs. With such technologies at the disposal of background verification companies, it is much easier to get the work done.