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All over the globe, address verification is done by checking up National Address Database. India doesn't have such a Database. The challenge does not end there. With 29 states and 7 Union Territories – address formats are a colourful diaspora of local standards, local phonetics and naming conventions. Thirdly –bulk of mail delivery is based on handwritten addresses delivered by postmen. Addresses have a lot of other indicators to enable delivery. There is an increasing amount of address going digital but the content processing remains a challenge. Here is where Cognyfy comes into play. The need for Address Verification is critical for financial product onboarding and background checks.
At an initial level – Cognyfy uses the power of Scrubbix to Parse data into components, verify the various components interrelation with a National Component Master and Score the Address. The Addresses are usually jumbled up with no spacing and poor spellings and duplicate information.
Cognyfy tools further correct components like Area, PostCode, City apart from Standardising the information, weeding out noise and providing accurate Formatting
At an advanced level – We provides verification with proprietary Address Databases including public domain data.

We works by layering in third party public domain data, India Post Data and adding business and natural language processing logic to validate, correct, score and verify addresses. While the generic global systems rarely provide verification below the city or post code level, Cognyfy is able to verify many more addresses to the street, area, locality and sub-locality level. Our tools are able to parse, analyze, verify, correct, and format addresses according to local postal standards—ensuring that correct elements appear in the appropriate hierarchical alignment. We has used various aspects of technology including machine learning to enable parsing and matching Indian Addresses. Our logic is continuously learning so also our reference database - which is updated every day keeping it current.